Predictable Revenue’s 4 Step Process for Webinar Success


Predictable Revenue’s 4 Step Process for Webinar Success

Running a successful webinar can prove to be a challenge. So, we asked Julia Heesen, Head of Marketing at Predictable Revenue, what steps they follow to ensure webinar success.

According to Julia, there are four points to consider to increase webinar attendance.

Here’s what she said –

1. Get the timing right

Finding out what day and time works out best with your audience can make a huge difference when it comes to the number of registrations. For Predictable Revenue, the “timeslots that have shown to work best for our audience are Tuesday & Thursdays, anything between 10-12 am PT”. 

2. Pre-Webinar Engagement

Julia also pointed out that engaging with your audience starts from the promotion stage. You should ask them “for their questions, pain points, basically what THEY want us to cover in the webinar”. And the reason is simple, “it’s all about providing value to them personally” and showing “that the webinar isn’t a pure presentation.”

3. Calendar Invite

Some attendees may get the webinar timeslot double-booked, which will decrease the attendance rate. To avoid this and therefore improve webinar success, Julia recommends to “include a calendar invite as part of the registration process, so that your registrants don’t get busy with another meeting.”

4. Email Notification

Before the webinar starts, “send a ‘We are live’ email to the registrants with the link to jump on – Make it easy and convenient to join the webinar.”

Webinars are definitely an effective tool when it comes to attracting and engaging leads. In fact, 73% of B2B Marketers believe that webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads. We hope these tips will help you see more successful webinars!

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