Ask A Marketing Manager: Channels and Team Structure


Ask A Marketing Manager: Channels and Team Structure

We asked Julia Heesen, Head of Marketing at Predictable Revenue, recent questions from the OppGen community. Read on for first-hand advice on B2B marketing channels and how to structure your team.

Let’s jump on in.

How should a B2B marketing team be structured?

I believe a B2B Marketing Team should include 3 main roles: Demand Gen, Content Creator & ultimately a Marketing Head that oversees the Strategy and leads the team.

The other roles that you definitely want to have in place, but can outsource are Copywriter, Designer, and Video Editor.

What marketing channels should we invest our time & budget in right now?


And an easy way to create content to share is with a content repurposing strategy.

  1. Create one main content piece (webinar recording or podcast for example).
  2. Then repurpose it into smaller bites (blog post, mini-videos w/subtitles for social media, images, GIFs, quotes, key takeaways).

This way, you don’t need to create as much new content and you’ll still have really valuable insights to share.

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