What Are the Top Three Skills You Need In B2B Marketing?


What Are the Top Three Skills You Need In B2B Marketing?

Copywriting is one, obviously. Curiosity is also essential. I believe that the best marketers are super curious, and they want to know what competitors are doing – what are they publishing, what do your customers want, or what patterns or models can you integrate? The best marketers are super hungry to know more

You also need to have an opinion, that is, a stance concerning what you should be doing. Today, you can be successful in lots of different channels. However, I want to work with a marketer who has a stance about what channel to use, why to use, this is how it’s going to work, and all of this with reason. 

Another important skill is creativity. AI and automation will replace so many things in marketing. For example, Facebook has changed so much that if five years ago, you were building Facebook ads, you would spend so much time building the audience, etc. Facebook now wants to take away those efforts and automate those processes. But it’s the creative element that will make people focus on your stuff.

The other skill is the desire to own a number – that is, your results. What am I accountable for? What do I have to deliver on? If you are not aiming to answer those questions, it will be tough to be successful.

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