Are you a sales expert with something to say?

Are you an expert in B2B sales with fresh ideas to share? Join our content community of sales leaders to answer questions from your peers, build your personal brand, and expand your network.

Who should apply?

  • OppGen contributors are sales and marketing professionals in the B2B space that have at least a few years of experience.
  • Sales operations, sales development leaders, SDRs, growth marketing managers who want to share original ideas to help their peers and build their personal brand.

What kind of content will you contribute to?

  • What kind of content and how often you contribute is up to you. Check whichever content formats you’re comfortable with on the form – podcasts, webinars, short articles, or long articles.
  • You’ll receive requests to answer questions submitted by the OppGen community as well as other relevant topics – you choose whether to participate or pass.

What happens after you apply?

  • We’ll let you know via email whether you’ve been accepted by the community as an OppGen contributor.
  • If accepted, we’ll reach out when we have a content piece or question that fits your background.
  • You’ll get credit for your contribution and a link to the website of your choice.

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