What Should You Consider When Building Sales Processes?


What Should You Consider When Building Sales Processes?

Since the revenue operations team has multiple stakeholders; sales, marketing, customer success, and finance, we get pulled in all directions on projects and tasks. What is critical to our team’s success is a good intake and prioritization process; to ensure that we are working on the most important thing.

Having a version of an Agile framework that involves sprints, daily standups, and prioritization meetings with stakeholders have done wonders in creating alignment, transparency, and predictability in delivering on our goals.

If you can’t solve a problem by building standard salesforce automation (workflow rules, process builder, flow), it still might be better to buy a tool that can solve your problem rather than writing custom code. We often don’t consider the cost of customizing custom code when making those build vs. buy decisions. The person who inherits your Salesforce organization will thank you for not solving every problem with Apex.

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