How Can Marketers Help SDRs Close More Inbound Content Leads?


How Can Marketers Help SDRs Close More Inbound Content Leads?

In this video quick answer, AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing at DemandDrive, explains the importance of marketers and SDRs working together on inbound leads, especially content downloads.

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So I help SDRs understand the why and the purpose of the content.

If someone comes to our website and they download like a data-sheet; most SDRs when they see that they follow up and the first thing is “Saw that you downloaded this. This is why it’s important. Let me get 15 minutes”, and I hate that.

I’m like, give me time to read this, give me time to understand if this will help me. I don’t want you to sell me on something right away.

So I provide my SDRs the promo materials that I put together for that piece of content. So they understand why is someone downloading this and what value can get out of it.

And I work with them so that when they create a message as a follow-up, they’re giving more information than what that person can find in that datasheet… acting a sort of like a Delta between what they can see and what they can’t. And then creating compelling messaging around that.

I think it’s essential for marketing to not just work with SDRs but enable them to get to that point. Because it’s a whole different ballgame when you can act as sort of that consultant versus someone who’s just selling somebody something.

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