How Can I Improve My Sales Forecasting Accuracy As a RevOps Leader?


How Can I Improve My Sales Forecasting Accuracy As a RevOps Leader?

In this video quick answer, Yash Arora, explains from a revops leader point of view how to improve sales forecasting accuracy. Check out this 1-minute video, or read the full transcript below.


When you look at the numbers, you have certain reps who are more conservative. Or you have certain reps who are more positive. And you’re never a hundred percent sure ever if you’re going to hit your number.

What you can do is look at the behavior patterns of the reps outside of just listening to them. And over time understand how they behave, but also looking at it in a scientific manner.

I personally use this tool called Atrium which is a great tool. It generates insights for you or alerts for you even before something has happened. 

RevOps strategies: Forecasting Example
Forecasting example from The 2021 RevOps Growth Roundtable

Giving an example, rep A in this case had a pipeline with a two times higher win rate and 52 percent faster sales cycle. And they’re going to hit 25 percent. They’re going to go 25 percent over their target, even though they have less opportunities.

You think about this rep, and you think about the forecast. And it tells you that this rep is more efficient, and you can trust their forecast more in certain ways for the month because you see that their win rate is obviously better, and they’re closing deals faster. 

In the same example, you see that another rep has more opportunities, a lower win rate, longer sales cycle. Their forecast maybe you have to, maybe lower it down lower it a little bit, and that’s one thing. The other thing that is happening here is you can influence their behavior.

You can see Rep A is doing something right, Rep B is not. So, you value your forecasting and also understand things about the reps and can help them improve.

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