RevOps Leaders Roundtable

The founders of the Sales Ops Leaders Slack community got together for a lively lunch break to chat about some of RevOps most pressing topics. We discussed everything from KPIs that matter right now, to how to make next moves in your career during a turbulent time. 

What you’ll gain:

  • How to get your team to follow the processes you have in place
  • How to progress as a professional in the world of sales ops
  • What KPIs should RevOps leaders be paying attention to now

Who’s this for:

  • Sales Operations – Learn how to optimize your sales processes and be the team leader you know you can be.

Meet the Speakers 

  • Tommy Taylor – International Sales Operations Manager at Lookout
  • Tom Andrews – Revenue Operations Manager at PassFort
  • Marc Gassó –  is the Director of Marketing and Sales Development at Bloobirds.
  • Kevin Probst – Business Intelligence Manager at Alasco