Learn how to get your marketing and SDR teams on the same page and increase inbound lead conversion on the way.

Two teams, one dream: close more inbound leads.


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How to increase the direct request conversion from your SDR team

How to follow your inbound leads through the SDR pipeline and help them convert

What weekly reports and meetings you need to make both teams successful

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You asked, he answered. Watch our 30-minute Q&A session with the creator of Predictable Revenue's $100 million best practices.

You know the deal. Either your marketing and sales development teams barely talk, or when you do, it’s usually one team complaining about the other not doing their job right. Here at Leadfeeder, Bloobirds, and DemandDrive, we’ve solved that issue (most of the time 😅). Find out how our marketing and SDR teams link up and how we set up our inbound pipelines for success. You’ll learn useful tools, reports, and communication methods to bring your most crucial opportunity generation teams together and increase revenue along the way.

Have you ever wondered how

Marketing and Sales 


Andy Culligan

AJ Alonzo

Development Driving

Revenue Together

CMO of

Director of Marketing at

What you'll gain:

Using PPC and content to help your SDRs close more meetings

Marketing Managers

Learn how you can support your SDR team and get them to convert more of your hard-earned MQLs. 

SDR Managers

Learn how to improve your sales development and marketing relationship and how to enable an impact on revenue.

Meet the Speakers

Andy Culligan 

CMO of

His core focus is making sure that marketing goals are 100% aligned to those of the sales organisation. With close to a decade of experience in SaaS martech, he’s built teams from the ground up, managed both marketing and SDR teams to pipeline success.

AJ Alonzo

Director of Marketing at

He helps companies build and manage sustainable, successful sales development programs. He made his goal to develop resources for SDRs who are looking to level up and SDR and marketing managers looking for guidance.

Guzmán Font

Demand Gen Manager at 

She’s been a crucial part of the marketing teams at several high-growth B2B SaaS companies such as Red Points and The SaaS Institute. As a multifaceted marketer, she acts as the link between Bloobirds’ sales development team and lead generation.

Learn how to get your marketing and SDR teams on the same page and increase inbound lead conversion on the way.