What is a Marketing Influenced Lead?


What is a Marketing Influenced Lead?

Marketers work hard to assist the Sales Development team in generating qualified leads (no matter what sales thinks! 😅 )

One of the metrics used to prove marketing efforts is the amount of marketing influenced leads that enter the funnel. So this brings up a key question: what do we mean by ‘Marketing Influenced Lead’?

We’ve received insights from two of our Marketing OppGen Experts —

Julia Heesen | Head of Marketing at Predictable Revenue

AJ Alonzo | Director of Marketing at demandDrive

Both AJ and Julia agree that a Marketing Influenced Lead is any lead that has engaged with content created by marketing. Meaning any action ranging from attending a webinar to downloading an ebook or even just reading a post on your blog. 

But as simple as this sounds, tracking a Marketing Influenced Lead can be challenging, to say the least.

It could appear to be a time-consuming metric to track. However, it worth having your marketing team prove their value by quantifying the impact of marketing – and separating the outbound leads and referrals from the rest. Fortunately, a sales engagement platform can help with dividing these leads out by marketing influence. 

Knowing which leads come from marketing efforts is so valuable because it helps marketers understand what content converts most. Also, from the SDR’s perspective, ‘warmed-up’ Marketing Influenced Leads tend to move through the funnel more quickly.

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