How Much Does Personal Employee Branding Benefit a Company?


How Much Does Personal Employee Branding Benefit a Company?

I would say that you can’t rely on it. Our customers don’t care that I am the CMO at Privy. They want a product that works or to be successful. They want to run campaigns and sell more stuff online. So, I think that that is ultimately what they care about.

But from a brand’s perspective, it can be a boost. It’s like in sports when a player changes their team. The fan might follow the player more than the team itself. I’d be lying if I said I don’t think it helps. However, if I were a CEO, I wouldn’t go and hire someone for their personal brand to help the company. I have seen that happened a couple of times.

There was a trend about 5-10 years ago, with tech companies wanting to hire well-known journalists. I have seen a bunch of those examples not work out. So, if it’s a good fit, you can do it. But I think you should have multiple people inside of your company be the face of your brand.

I was having a conversation with somebody from Privy about our social media strategy. She was like, “Hey! We haven’t been posting a lot from our brand accounts. Is that ok?” And I was like, “Yea! I’m posting a lot. Dan, who runs our brand and product marketing, is posting a lot, etc.” Through those people, you’re going to be finding out about Privy. The bigger opportunity is more about how you can get executives and key players to be advocates for you, and not just sharing an automated link, but that each person is sharing something different.

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