What Is RevOps Current Role in SaaS and What Will it Look Like in the future?


What Is RevOps Current Role in SaaS and What Will it Look Like in the future?

In this video quick answer, Tom Andrews, supports RevOps role as a strategic part of the sales ecosystem. Check out this 1-minute video, or read the full transcript below.


We’ve got this really interesting graphic (below) that looks at the involvement in overall strategic decisions. Towards the right-hand side is where Revenue Ops and Sales Ops are taking kind of a leadership decision. I think we need to see a lot more of the darker colors here.

RevOps strategies: current and future role in SaaS
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Passively we’re the experts on most of the systems processes the way sales is happening. So, naturally, we form relationships with finance and synergies with marketing because they’re part of the overall ecosystem as well.

And I think more and more especially as companies scale we’re going to have a lot of decisions that will need to come back. What is that fundamental working process that drives the revenue ecosystem? We’re best placed as experts to lead that change.

It definitely is a problem in a lot of organizations, where marketing has scaled faster than people expected. Sales is more complex than most people ever realize. Finance is a world of pain for most salespeople and they didn’t think about revenue recognition. And I do personally think it’s up to revenue operations leaders to step in.

Where that’s not possible, it’s about finding that one person in the Exec Team who’s going to sponsor you. They can help you to get your point of view to the top table where Revenue operations has to be taking a seat.

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