What Salesforce Metric Can Signal a Red Flag?


What Salesforce Metric Can Signal a Red Flag?

In this video quick answer, Tom Andrews, explains one Salesforce metric that can signal a red flag in your sales activity. Check out this 1-minute video, or read the full transcript below.


So how many accounts do we have with active, two-way, potentially profitable conversations? With that, are either very early-stage opportunities or relatively late-stage opportunities that are just getting towards the end of them.

And on these accounts, you can see in the bottom right-hand corner; I look at the activity in the last seven days and their last 30 days and based on the amount of activity. I use that as part of my risk-appetite when we go into forecasting.

So if I’m not seeing very much activity on a late-stage opportunity, it’s going to be a big red flag for me. Because really if you’re getting towards closing a deal, you kind of expect the communication with the client to go up, not down.

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