How Can You Save Your Sales Team Time and Frustration?


How Can You Save Your Sales Team Time and Frustration?

I suggest reducing the number of vendors in your sales technology stack and putting system symbiosis at the top of your priorities. So currently, the revenue technology market is booming, leading to significant sprawl. Also, the siloed data issues that many companies face are getting worse. Revenue operations need to focus on putting time back in sellers’ hands; shifting it away from excessive administration across many platforms.

Whether within one complex system like Salesforce or across multiple systems; there’s vast potential efficiency to engineer into what your sales team does day-to-day. Many of the most significant impacts come from optimizing the smallest time savers.

It’s important to remember that saving someone 10 minutes a day; leads to saving a week of working time over the year. Therefore, the smallest improvement to the sales process has a substantial net impact across a team. In one instance, the proper integration of an e-signing solution into Salesforce significantly reduced user error and administration time spent generating quotes & contracts.

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