Why Is It Crucial to Investigate Disqualified Leads?


Why Is It Crucial to Investigate Disqualified Leads?

In this video quick answer, Yash Arora, explains the importance of investigating disqualified leads. Check out this 1-minute video, or read the full transcript below.


I also wanted to discuss leads disqualified. It’s very important that we look at that because then we can see where is the problem in the funnel?

Is it because leads that came in from marketing were not good enough?

Or did the SDR not do a good job?

And that you can easily see by, it’s important to select maybe six or seven good reasons why leads are disqualified which are relevant to your business.

They’re usually something like pricing, maybe timing, no market-fit, whatever it may be. So it’s important to train the SDR team there. And one of the things I’ve noticed is sometimes SDRs mark the leads basically as unresponsive – they only tried to contact the lead once, and that’s not enough for me.

So that kind of stuff we need to be able to capture there in terms of when leads are being disqualified. Or is it that leads are bad? Or the SDRs didn’t do a good job?

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