Ask A Sales Enablement Manager: How to Run Sales Role Plays


Ask A Sales Enablement Manager: How to Run Sales Role Plays

We asked Gibran Quezada, Sales Enablement Team Lead at Predictable Revenue, for a sales team training best practice he’s implemented lately. He highlighted the importance of sales role-plays. Read on to get his tips –

So, how have sales role plays helped train your team?

One revolutionary best practice that we’ve added to our SDR training would be our role-playing sessions. Even though it’s not easy portraying a prospect to a T, this type of training is really helpful for the reps.

We’ve gotten around this obstacle by creating a Google spreadsheet for each of our SDRs’ ICP. It includes their LinkedIn profiles, recorded calls, and a list of common objections. The detailed information about the ICP allows the person acting as the prospect to play a more convincing and authentic role in our sessions.

What results have you seen from your team’s role-play practice?

We’ve seen two main advantages after using sales role-plays as training:

Firstly, many of our SDRs have mentioned being self-aware of their improvement when handling objections on the phone with their ICP due to the weekly roleplaying sessions.

Secondly, they have also shown a decrease in call reluctance since implementing these sessions.

And finally, what’s your overall mission as a Sales Enablement Leader?

My current role as a Sales Enablement Team Lead revolves around the SDR onboarding and training function within my department.

As our SDR department grows, we aim to have alignment and best practices when training and ramping up our SDRs by establishing an organized structure. Additionally, we emphasize staying up to date with emerging SDR tips and methods to implement.

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