What Types of Sales Software Are Crucial to Successful RevOps Strategies?


What Types of Sales Software Are Crucial to Successful RevOps Strategies?

In this video quick answer, Tom Andrews, tells us which sales software are essential for revops strategies success. Check out this 1-minute video, or read the full transcript below.


I think that as the world realizes that as we become more distributed across geographies and more people are moving out of the cities than ever before, they’re leaving the office life behind forever. We need better tools, a great question came up just now in the chat from Maya about Knowledge Management, which is a huge part of it as well. 

Revenue operations managers Tech Stack shopping list in 2021. RevOps Strategies List.
Tech Stack Shopping List from The 2021 RevOps Growth Framework

Think about the graph above as a shopping list. So, everything in the middle is the existing Tech Stacks and on the outside are what people want the most.

What we see is lots of companies already have CRM systems and they have marketing automation. What they don’t have is management or coaching tools and that includes Knowledge Management and rep coaching.

It includes conversational AI and some of the big trending tools like Gong. And I think what we can see from this is the companies that are planning to buy, they’re moving more and more to this world of Lead intelligence, Rep management and Rep coaching. And that’s because you need to get more value out of every single headcount in your team.

Everyone’s being pushed a bit to prove ROI more than ever before. It’s about understanding how you can synthesize a framework that doesn’t just add great tools and great CRMs but also makes them easy to use and easy to train people on.

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