Strategic Prospecting Tips | Insider Advice From Hootsuite


Strategic Prospecting Tips | Insider Advice From Hootsuite

2020 has been full of challenges – especially when it comes to leading a sales prospecting team.

We got fifteen SDR leaders in the B2B SaaS industry to tell the stories behind their recent pivots. In each article in this Strategic Prospecting Tips series, you’ll find real, unfiltered advice from one Sales Development Leader that’s influencing the B2B SaaS industry worldwide. 

Today we’re hearing from Liz Meuse, Manager of Global Sales Development at Hootsuite. Let’s jump on in! 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m passionate about SaaS, sales, and marketing, and have built my career on developing young professionals into successful salespeople.

How has COVID affected Hootsuite?

COVID-19 has forced us to take a hard look at what has been working and what hasn’t. In a time where every dollar spent comes with a microscope on ROI, it’s never been more critical to deliver results.

How changed your sales development team in response?

There are some tried-and-true tactics that we are not in a rush to abandon, but the disposition has changed massively. No one wants to be pushed into making decisions. Sales Development has become more about offering support, providing resources, and building relationships in a different way than it has previously.

What’s the most significant pivot you’ve made?

Slowing things down is counter-intuitive but has proven effective. Gone are the days of five reach outs over the course of three days. People are taking their time making buying decisions, and the prospecting approach needs to be updated accordingly.

Building relationships, providing resources without expectation, and demonstrating a genuine interest in someone’s well-being during COVID-19 will get you further than “smiling and dialing”.

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