How Should I Structure My Weekly 1 on 1 Meeting With My SDR?


How Should I Structure My Weekly 1 on 1 Meeting With My SDR?

How many times have you walked out of a meeting with your SDR feeling that you accomplished less than you expected? We have asked three of our OppGen Experts to share their weekly 1 on 1 SDR meeting agenda.

Neil Bhuiyan | Founder and SDR Coach at HappySelling

Austin Fuller | Director of Sales at Nuarx

Javier Llorden | Specialist Advisor in scaling sales at B2B startups

The main objective of weekly 1 on 1 meetings is to align SDRs’ actions with their performance. Find out what they are working on, their forecasts, and what challenges they might face in the coming days.

During these meetings, Javier shares individual KPIs and dashboards with the SDR to keep them accountable. Then together they decide the best strategy to improve their performance and skills.

Neil divides his meetings into 5 steps starting with a recap of the last meeting, which he describes as accountability. That’s followed by the visibility stage, where the SDR explains their workload. Next, they study the strategy to reach their objectives, whilst describing the challenges that might come up along the way, and offering his own support to help the SDR meet their goals. 

On the video below, Austin brings up a distinctive point of view – that the SDRs should own the meeting. They present their own pipeline, forecasts, and challenges. In this effective 1 on 1 meeting format, Austin coaches them to overcome those obstacles and they come up with new prospecting strategies, other than just email copywriting or phone scripts. 

And don’t forget to include role-playing if needed, to boost the SDR’s confidence with a new approach. In the long run, coaching the SDR to improve their own copywriting skills, own their pipeline, and lead their own 1 on 1s will pay off as an SDR manager.


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